Litvin Art Jewelry at Romanian Jewelry Week 3.0

Romanian Jewelry Week supports and creates a special section dedicated to Ukrainian jewelry designers to be part of the global effort to stand with Ukraine in these hard times. 11 Ukrainian designers took part in Romanian Jewelry Week 3.0.

Stand with Ukraine

Litvin Art Jewelry was created in Ukraine in 2009 and in 2010, it was relocated to Germany.

We condemn the Putin’s invasion and violence in Europe, in support of the people in Ukraine. This is not “just” an attack against Ukraine. This is a war against democratic values, human rights and peace.

Please stand with Ukraine and support humanity. A part of profit is donated to medical aid in Ukraine.

Solo Performance “Mademoiselle Chanel” & Marché de Bijoux

One of the world’s greatest inspirational figures is Mademoiselle Chanel. Woman - revolution, woman - era. I invite you to learn about her path of becoming a successful fashion designer, to discover a new side of hers along with the vulnerability behind a strong woman. In my solo performance I will introduce you to a never before seen side of Gabrielle, someone very different from that sweet image as portrayed in the media.  After an hour-long performance, Marché de Bijoux will open its doors where you can take a closer look, try on and purchase earrings by Lit Vin.   Bienvenue chères amies!  
23.08.20 at 11:00 by Vardi Flowers Münsterstr.9,  40477 Düsseldorf
Entry 15,00 EUR
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